2GoCups At L'art du Chocolat

Did you know that 22,000 disposable cups are thrown away every hour in Ireland. We decided it's time to change how we serve our coffee to help reduce our disposable waste. We've started using the wonderful 2GoCup deposit and return scheme.

The 2GoCup deposit and return scheme is simple. When you order a coffee or hot chocolate to takeaway, ask for a 2GoCup. The cup costs €1 and you save 20c on any hot beverage you get. When you're done you can keep your cup or return it and get your €1 back. You can even swap your used cup for a clean one next time you order a drink with us. No extra cost. You are not only saving money on your drinks but also helping the environment and reducing Ireland disposable waste.

We are very proud to be part of this scheme and hope to transition into a disposable cup free café. So next time you drop by our Maynooth shop for one of our delicious hot chocolates or coffee, make the change and ask for a 2GoCup!

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