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If you are in need of a cake look no further then L'Art du Chocolat. You can order you custom cake here, perfect for any occasion!


The cake is made up of 3 layers: the sponge base, the ganache and the mousse. Choose each layer from the following flavours:


  • Chocolate OR pistachio OR yuzu


  • Chocolate (dark or milk or white) OR fruit of your choice OR nuts


  • Chocolate (dark, milk or white) OR fruit of your choice OR vanilla


  • To serve 4 to 6 (€25)

  • To serve 6 to 8 (€32)

  • To serve 10 to 12 (€48)

The Chocolatiers will make a beautiful and unique decoration for each cake.

Please note, we do not do vegan cakes. If you have a special request for your cake e.g. an allergy requirement, please contact us by phone, email or pop in to see us and we will see what we can do for you.

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