Cyril (left) & Niolas (right) Owners of L'art du Chocolat

Our Story


Nicolas Bateau and Cyril Borie are from Bayonne, a city in the French Basque Country known as the chocolate capital of France. Their work as a chef and pastry chef brought them to Ireland, and the pair set up L’Art Du Chocolat in 2013, operating out of  a location in the K Club for the first few years.

They opened the doors of their chocolate bar on Maynooth’s Main Street in November 2016


L'art du Chocolat chocolate box

What we do

L'art du Chocolat Logo

L'Art du Chocolat produce handmade chocolates and chocolate sculptures using Valrhona Chocolate.


In the Chocolate Bar, you will be able to see eye catching ideas, handmade chocolates and fine french style patisserie , made on the spot for the pleasure of your eyes and palate, in the lovely town of Maynooth, County Kildare, near Dublin.

Cyril Borie , Nicolas Bateau and the team will be happy to welcome you to enjoy lunch, a sweet treat or simply a hot chocolate in a warm and welcoming ambiance.


Our approach for the environment

At L’Art du Chocolat, we care a lot about our impact on the environment.

We have made many provisions since the opening of our shop, and many more are expected in the near future!

So far, what we do:

We brew our delicious coffee in biodegradable cups to take away. Its internal layer is made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), a compostable plastic made of plants. It is covered by a kraft paper.

Our lids are made of CPLA (Corn Starch), a material composed of 67% less carbon than regular plastic. It means a lower impact on global warming.

What you can do:

In order for compostable/biodegradable items to be fully respectful of the environnement, please throw them in the food waste bin!


TA cups & lids

TA plastic cold drink glasses, lids, straws


Wodden stirrer

TA Cultery

Kraft paper bags



They contain a lot of water. So putting them in the general waste bin makes the destruction costs, process and required space more important.

We aslo highly encourage you to bring your own reusable cup to help decreasing the amount of wastes! Get a discount on your coffee to reward your involvment & effort.

Our chocolates:

Most of our chocolates and sweets are packed in PET jars and boxes. This plastic is the only one that can be, and is efficiently recycled. Reuse it or throw this packaging in the recycling bin!

L'art du Chocolat Iced Dulcey Coffee
Conscous cup campaign

Compostable, biodegradable… What do you mean?


When a material is said to be biodegradable, it means it can be assimilated by living beings. They will cut the matter in small particles (CO2, H2O, CH4) and biomass to be absorbed by the environment. It is called Biomineralisation.

When a material is said to be compostable, it means it can be degraded and bio-assimilated in certain conditions of moisture and temperature.


Plastic doesn’t mean toxic!


Sugar cane, beetroot, corn, and even bacteria can be used to produce plastic. Try to identify them the next time you go shopping: PLA, Materbi, Ecoflex, Ecovio … And so much more!


What’s wrong with oil-based plastic?


The plastic you’re used to is made of gasoline and additives. Gasoline is made of sediments that needed millions of years to be accumulated and transformed. And we used nearly the total amount in 50 years. Moreover, gasoline extraction is highly polluting and the additives put to improve the plastic’s properties make its degradation in the environment very slow (hundreds of years).